How To Remove Polygel Nails, Without Damaging Your Natural Nails

By Nailedbybrandi

Using Acetone:

The first thing you are going to do is trim off any length on your nails. Doing this will make it easier to remove your nails. After removing any length from your nails, you will want to rub in some petroleum jelly or cuticle oil around your cuticles. This works as a barrier protecting your skin from fully getting exposed to the acetone.

Then you will have to remove the top coat layer of your polygel nails. You can do this by using a 100 grit hand file. Taking your file you will just file the top coat layer from all of your nails. Doing this makes it easier for the acetone to penetrate the polygel to soften it up and allow for an easier removal.

Next you will soak cotton pads or balls in some acetone. Then you will take the soaked cotton and wrap it onto your nails using aluminum foil or you can soak off nail clips if you have them. Let your nails soak for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes remove the cotton from your nails. The polygel will be gummy. You can take a cuticle pusher to gently scrap the polygel off of your nails. Acetone dehydrates your nails and cuticles so it is very important to apply some cuticle oil after the removal process. Then you’re ready for your next nail set using TOBEGLAM polygel!