Have You Been Wanting To Try Out TOBEGLAM Polygel? If So This Tutorial Is For You!

By Nailedbybrandi


How to use dual forms: 

To start off you will want to prep your natural nails, so the polygel lasts on your nails and doesn’t pop off! From my experiences, I have learned that polygel does not like natural nail oils. So be sure to prep your natural nails before beginning the polygel application. Prep your nails by sanitizing your hands and nails. Push back the cuticle and clean up any excess cuticle. File your nails using a file. Then gently remove the shine using a nail buffer. Use a lint free wipe and nail surface cleanser to remove all dust. Apply a layer of nail dehydrator to your nail plate and let air dry. Then apply a layer of nail primer to your nail plate. Now apply your base coat and cure for 30 to 60 seconds in your UV/LED nail lamp. 

Next, you will size out the dual forms that fit each of your nails beds from sidewall to sidewall. When sizing your dual forms be sure that you do not push them down to make them fit. You will apply the polygel to the inside of the dual form to make sure you choose the correct size dual form for each of your nails, making sure they aren’t too small. It is best to have the dual form be slightly larger than smaller. 

After you have sized out all 10 of your dual forms, the polygel process begins. You will start by taking the polygel and squeezing out a small amount on the dual form. If you are having trouble squeezing out the polygel you can try running the tube of polygel under warm water for a few seconds. Take your polygel brush and dip the brush into your slip solution. You can use a base coat or rubbing alcohol as your slip. This helps prevent the polygel from sticking to your brush and allows you to form the polygel. Make sure to cover the sides of the dual form. Make the polygel a little thinner on the cuticle, and thicker in the middle of the dual form. 

Now take the dual from and apply it at a 45 degree angle at the cuticle area and press down lightly. Take your polygel brush dipped in slip solution and gently clean up any excess polygel from around the cuticle area. Also, you can turn your nail over and create a smooth surface on the underside of the nail. Cure in your UV/LED nail lamps for 60 seconds. 

After the polygel is fully cured, squeeze the sides of the dual form to pop it off. Then use your hand file to file the nail to your desired length and shape. Remove any excess dust with a lint free wipe and some nail surface cleanser. Apply your top coat to the nail and cure for 30 to 60 seconds in your UV/LED nail lamp. Repeat the process to all 10 of your nails. Then you are done! 

I like to use TOBEGLAM polygel when I'm doing a nail set! If you have not yet tried their products I totally recommend trying them out. I love their polygel. It is very easy to work with. One of my favorite kits from TOBEGLAM is the Take Me Home polygel kit! This kit includes everything to do your nails at home. Leaving you with a gorgeous salon quality mani!